Our Coaches

Frankie Marquez Jr: Co-Owner & Head Coach

CFL1, CFL2 and CF Judges Course

1. What year did you start functional fitness style training? July of 2012

2. What made you start? I needed a change in my fitness routine and it definitely sparked a new interest and I have never looked back.

3. Why did you become a Trainer?  The functional fitness style of training for everyone and as a trainer I wanted to prove that. With Lake Travis Fitness's philosophy and foundation, improving people's quality of life both mentally and physically was now at my fingertips.

4. What is your favorite movement? Hang Power Clean

5. What is your favorite cheat meal/snack? Any type of hotcakes; waffles, pancakes, french toast, etc. Oh and with plenty of maple syrup.

6. What is your ideal favorite workout? I have a love/hate relationship with any triplet type workout and with a time domain of around 10 min. Make it hurt so good is my motto!

7. What is your favorite superhero and why? Ironman - He takes an unfortunate circumstance that could of killed him and uses it for the good. With his hard earned fortune and knowledge, he continues to use his talents to help all those in need. Also, he is pretty witty and quick on his feet with remarks, I was never good at that and always wanted to be, that's some raw talent...


I was born and raised in a small town called Johnson City, Texas. My absolute favorite past-time are spending time with my beautiful wife, Casey, and my two sweet sons, Jett and Cruz.  When I am not at The Box strategizing my workouts down to the chalk break, you can catch me in my office handling the administrative task as a Co-Owner of our family owned restaurant-Julie's Cocina and of course Lake Travis Fitness. Staying fit has always been a top priority of mine, as it allows me to continue to push me to my absolute limits physically and stay healthy for my family. Our LTF family is a breeding ground for this type of lifestyle. I always joke around when people ask me why I do this and my response is simple,"I want to be able to beat my kid's in any sport or challenge we participate in!"

Casey Marquez: Co-Owner & Coach

CFL1, CFL2, CF Judges Course and CF Kids Certified

1. What year did you start functional fitness style training? One hot summer day in July of 2012.

2. What made you start? Prior to starting this style of working out, I worked out because I wanted to stay in shape. I tried everything from ellipticals and treadmills at a globo gym, doing P90x in my living room with my dogs jumping all over me and then to simply running a couple of miles day, while adding some sit-ups  occasionally.  Definitely wasn’t something I enjoyed or looked forward to.  One summer, my friend told me about a new gym that was opening up in our area.  Being in Marble Falls, there wasn’t very many options for fitness related things, so I figured I would give it a shot.  I went to the community workout with her and we did a team workout using a deck of cards. I love everything about it-the workout, the people, the variety! The next week I dragged Frankie with me and we were hooked! 

3. Why did you become a Trainer? If you know anything about my husband, you know that he always has ants in his pants and always looking for the next best thing or opportunity.  When he has an idea, he acts on it immediately and won’t stop until he comes up with the next best thing, something I love about him but also drives me crazy! He told me one night that he wanted us to open up a gym in the Bee Cave/Spicewood area.  I told him he was crazy!  Owning a business at  24 years old and being a full time teacher commuting to Austin everyday didn’t seem like the best idea, but I trusted him and we did it! So to answer the question…I became a trainer not just because it came with the package of owning a gym, but I’ve always had the natural feeling and want to help people (hence the elementary school teacher in me).  I wanted the same experience I had when I started.  I became more fit, I loved the workouts I did, I learned about proper nutrition, and most importantly, I was a part of a community that made me feel good about what I did! I wanted that same feeling for the community we were going to serve at LTF. Boom! Mission Accomplished!  

4. What is your favorite movement? Duh…the snatch! And yes I mean the full squat snatch.

5. What is your favorite cheat meal/snack? I can only pick one…geez! Breaking the rules here: Cheat Meal-I think I can eat enough Chips, Queso and Salsa to constitute as a meal & Cheat Snack- Sour Patch Kids (the big ones).

6. What is your ideal favorite workout? I love workouts with multiple short AMRAPs that increase weight and decrease reps. Possibly with some pull-ups, box jump overs and push jerks.
7. What is your favorite superhero and why? I just had to google "name of super heroes" right now, this question wasn’t made for me  I’m not a big superhero fan.  


I am originally from San Antonio, TX. I went to private Catholic school my whole life and was a high school & college cheerleader.  After college, I was an elementary school teacher for 7 years.  After having my sweet baby boy Jett, I decided to stay home and soak up the baby cuddles while I could (and loving every minute of it) but you can also find me at LTF chatting from member to member like a social butterfly!  I choose to stay fit because it is a part of my life. It would be like me not eating.

Michael Boatright: Co-Owner & Coach

CFL1, CF Judges Course

1. What year did you start functional fitness style training? April of 2013

2. What made you start?  I had an opportunity to invest in an affiliate from the beginning and jumped on it! (thanks Frankie!)

3. What is your favorite movement? Snatch

4. What is your favorite cheat meal/snack? Chocolate chip cookies.

5. What is your ideal favorite workout? 9-7-5 of Ring Muscle-ups and Snatches 135#/95#.

6. What is your favorite superhero and why? Spider-Man, I had about 300 issues of The Amazing Spider-Man when I was a kid and just love the story.


I was born and raised in the Hill Country-Johnson City, then graduated from Fredericksburg, class of 2000, The University of Texas, BS in 2004 and Texas State University, MPA in 2009. I just celebrated 10 years of marriage to Tahra in 2018 and we have two sons, Drake and Duke. When I am not at LTF "no-repping" our members ;), I own and operate a CPA firm with my father. When it comes to staying fit, on the spectrum of wellness and sickness, I want to stay on the well side as long as possible.

JJ Nichols: Coach, Pre-Teens and Kid's Coach

CFL1, CF Judges Course

1. What year did you start functional fitness style training? June of 2014

2. What made you start? My husband started it about a year before I did and it was all he ever talked about! He finally convinced me to try it out and I was hooked after the first workout!

3. Why did you become a Trainer? I was a personal trainer and group fitness instructor before joining LTF…I’ve always loved helping others with their health and fitness journey, so after about a year, my coach at the time approached me about getting my Level 1. Coaching at LTF and seeing members accomplish goals they never thought possible is my favorite part of coaching and something I look forward to every day!

4. What is your favorite movement? Definitely double-unders...a close second would be overhead squats.

5. What is your favorite cheat meal/snack? My favorite cheat meal would have to be a big ol’ cheeseburger with fries! And freshly baked chocolate chip cookies for dessert...my family will tell you I can bake some awesome chocolate chip cookies!

6. What is your ideal favorite workout? My ideal WOD would have the previously mentioned movements in it…double unders and overhead squats.

7. What is your favorite superhero and why? Wonder Woman would definitely be my favorite superhero. She is strong and uses her strength for good! I have 2 daughters who are being raised in this amazing community of strong, supportive women…they have a whole group of superheroes to look up to, which is pretty awesome!!


I spent the first 10 years of my life in West Texas and then moved to Roanoke, Virginia. I ended up back at Texas Tech for college which is where I met my amazing husband of 15 years. We have 3 awesome and crazy kiddos. Marissa is 12, Allie is 11 and McCoy is 8. When I’m not at LTF trying to finish my workout before the next class starts, I am busy running the Nichols’ household and helping my husband with his Landscaping Business. LTF is a big part of all our lives and we love our LTF family. Staying healthy and active is something that is very important to me because it enables me to be the best wife, mom, Coach and person I can be! LTF has given us a way to stay healthy together and I’m so grateful for that!

Adam Yoder: Coach

CFL1, CF Judges Course

1. What year did you start functional fitness style training? 2014

2. What made you start? I believe this style of working out addresses the 3 most common reasons people chose to not exercise or pursue a healthy lifestyle. (1) “I don’t have time.” The workouts at LTF takes less than an hour everyday (2) “I get bored.” LTF leverage a different workout every day. (3) “Community.” LTF has immediate friends. All you have to do is show up and the community will keep you motivated. 

4. What is your favorite  movement? Not Running… (Favorite is the dumbbell snatch)

5. What is your favorite cheat meal/snack? Peanut butter... Anything with peanut butter.

6. What is your ideal favorite workout? I really enjoy anything with gymnastics.

7. What is your favorite superhero and why? Thor, I mean he carries a hammer around that no one else can lift and has some gnarly  hair...


I am from Bakersfield, California. My beautiful wife (and yes, more fit) and I have been married for 10 years. We have 3 small children, Mika (6), Chase (4) and Rhett (2). When I am not at The Box, usually before the 5:15am class because let’s face it, when else could I work out, I am on the road as sales manager. I stay fit because it keeps me grounded and disciplined in so many other areas.  My goal is to be able to do the same type of workouts when I am 90 years old.

Cheyenne Smith: Coach

CFL1, CF Judges Course

1. What year did you start functional fitness style training? My parents opened a gym in early 2011 so I would do some workouts on the weekends or whenever I didn’t have soccer or volleyball practice. I joined my first gym as a regular attending member in 2015 when we moved to Nashville and the community changed my life!
2. What made you start? My aunt and uncle are to blame for my introduction to this style of training. They came to our family Christmas party one year going on and on about functional fitness and insisting on teaching us how to squat properly: feet shoulder width apart, core tight, push the knees out, you know the rest. It was nothing like the stuff they taught you in P.E. class and it was absolutely groundbreaking to me. Soon I was outperforming all the girls and most of the guys in the pull-up test, and making the older teams in school sports. I realized this style of working out could take my athletic ability to the next level, and being as competitive as I was, that’s all I needed to start getting serious about it.

3. Why did you become a Trainer? I have such a passion for working out, LTF and the people here. It has developed my mental and physical capacity in ways I never thought possible, changing my outlook and even goals in life. I am always eager for opportunities to come alongside someone who is learning a new movement or to encourage someone in making a better lifestyle choice because I have experienced the benefits of both; being a LTF trainer is the most tangible way for me to do that.

4. What is your favorite movement? Those that know me are probably expecting me to say the butterfly pull-up, and while it is one of my favorites, it is second only to the overhead squat. It’s the perfect test of mid-line stability, flexibility and strength, thus proving to be one of the ~many~ hard movements for me when I first started working out because of my weakness in all three of those areas. After years of practice and countless shoulder stretches, the dread turned to excitement whenever they came up in the programming.

5. What is your favorite cheat meal/snack? I have never used self-control and Oreos in the same sentence.

6. What is your ideal favorite workout? I am always down to hit Nancy or a long chipper.
7. What is your favorite superhero and why? Captain America. All. Day. He represents the greatest country in the world and he is always trying to do the right, moral thing even when it’s not the most popular choice.


I am from San Diego, California. I am smack-dab in the middle of the 5 kids my parents so faithfully raised. I have 2 older sisters, 2 younger twin brothers, a dog and too many aunts, uncles, cousins and second cousins to count. Peace and quiet is not in my vocabulary. When I am not a the gym working on gymnastic movements, I work for Hopdoddy Burger Bar's Training Department. I create their training material/videos and enjoy every minute of it. My hobbies require me to be fit and let's be real, having muscles is pretty awesome. LTF helps me to do all that while pushing back the nursing home as long as I can.

Lindsey Payne: Coach


1. What year did you start functional fitness style training? January 2019

2. What made you start? I needed something new, something different, something that challenged me mentally and physically. When I found LTF it was the perfect fit for me.

3. Why did you become a Trainer? With a degree in Health, passion for Fitness, and a love for people...my desire is to help others experience the benefits that I have thru LTF.  One of my favorite things about LTF is that we’re all learning and growing TOGETHER and I love that I get to play a part in seeing that growth in people. 

4. What is your favorite movement?  Front Squat

 5. What is your favorite cheat meal/snack? Mexican Food

 6. What is your ideal favorite workout? I enjoy multiple shorter AMRAPs that require max effort with built in rest.

7. What is your favorite superhero and why?  One of the only Marvel/Superhero movies I’ve seen is The Avengers and I really love the idea of that movie. It’s powerful superheroes all joining together to fight a common obstacle/evil. I believe the LTF community is able to achieve goals that we didn’t think possible because we have others walking beside us, pushing us, and encouraging us to achieve our highest potential.


I was born and raised in Bryan, TX and graduated from Texas A&M University with a BS in Health. My husband Bryan and I have been married for 18 years and have 3 children..Nathanael, Caleb and Halle. When I’m not at the gym either working out or coaching...I’m keeping the House of Payne in order. For fun, I love finding new yummy food around Austin, hanging out on the lake or just enjoying time with family and friends. I love our LTF community and have been thankful for the friendships we have developed over the last few months!

Six Welch: Coach

CrossFit Medical Doctor Level 1 (CF-MDL1)

1. What year did you start functional fitness style training?  January of 2013

2. What made you start? I just had my second baby and needed to MOVE. I gained over 20 lbs and heard about this style of fitness through some friends. I was still doing cardio heavy exercising like running long distances but was at a plateau and quite frankly I was bored. I decided to drop in to a gym in Houston one day and never looked back.   

3. Why did you become a trainer? I love to teach, both in medicine and fitness.  There is so much crossover in medicine and fitness and I saw a great opportunity to help people with both their goals of being healthy and avoiding injury.  I’m not afraid to tell you to scale!  You also tend to continue to learn when you teach so I welcome the extra knowledge 😉

4. What is your favorite movement? Kettle Bell Swings

5. What is your favorite cheat meal/snack? Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

6. What is your ideal favorite workout? I enjoy light weight barbell movements with high reps and rowing.

7. What is your favorite superhero and why? The Incredible Hulk because I feel like that’s my alter ego around my kids ;)


I was born in Shanghai, China and grew up in Plano, TX. I did dancing growing up but never really participated in any sports because I am a nerd at heart. I studied Biomedical Science at Texas A&M and attended Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine followed by UTMB Galveston for residency in internal medicine. I have a part time direct primary care practice in Marble Falls, TX. I am married to a fellow physician who is a gastroenterologist who is also a gym member and we have 3 beautiful children. I see a lot of patients who struggle with diet and weight loss along with all the other medical complications that come with obesity such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Instead of pushing medications on them, I am a firm believer in life style modifcations that are sustainable and I feel like functional fitness is definitely one of them. I like to incorporate fitness into my medical plan and what better way is there to show that than being a coach?! Also with my medical background in anatomy and physiology, I can help with modifications for certain athletes who have injuries or are not able to complete certain movements due to other health limitations. I am so excited to be apart of this amazing group of coaches and athletes who I also consider to be great friends!

Logen Kershaw: Coach


1. What year did you start functional fitness style training?  I started functional fitness back in February of 2018. 

2. What made you start? After I stopped playing football I needed to find a form of fitness that I enjoyed. I tried doing the regular globo gym because that’s what I was used to while playing football. I found myself losing motivation after going for a couple weeks. One day I saw my friend Kassidy who had visibly looked more fit since the last time I had seen her. I asked what she was doing and she said functional fitness. She invited me to join her during a few classes and since then I’ve never enjoyed fitness more than I do now.  

3. Why did you become a trainer? After losing over 75lbs by doing CF and changing some thing with my nutrition, I’ve found this new urge to help other people reach their goals and become the best version of themselves that they can be. I know the struggles of finding a sustainable healthy lifestyle so now I’d love to make that change easier for others.

4. What is your favorite movement? Any barbell movement. I love slinging around heavy weight! Especially the squat snatch. I always tell people that even though the snatch is one of the hardest movements we do, all the work and effort we put towards it is worth it when you hit a perfect squat snatch! 

5. What is your favorite cheat meal/snack? Can’t choose just one. 1.French Fries 2.Fried Chicken 3.Oreos with a cold glass of milk 4.Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food 5.Snickers

6. What is your ideal favorite workout? Anything that has a heavy, low rep barbell movement that DOESN’T include burpees!

7. What is your favorite superhero and why? This is probably the hardest question because I’m such a nerd and have too many favorites. 

Top 3 would have to be Batman because he’s the greatest detective of all time and can defeat Superman. Iron Man because he’s a genius billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. And lastly Captain America because he’s the type of person everyone should strive to become. 


I was born in raised in Plano, Texas. I’m the third child out of 4. I have an older brother named Landen, an older sister named Lauren, and a younger brother named Landry. Yes, our names all start with an “L” so I was called the wrong name all the time growing up. I currently live on my own with my sweet Siberian husky Katara. When I’m not at the gym, I’m working as an freelance editor and videographer. I love that I get to make money doing what I love. I stay fit because I know what it feels like to lose your breath after tying your shoes and so I never want to get to that point again. Plus it’s super fun to say I can lift over 300lbs above my head.

Marsha McFall: Coach


1. What year did you start functional fitness style training? June of 2011 

2. What made you start? I started in between my bodybuilding seasons. I quickly fell in love with it and the community that surrounds us. That is what led me to stop competing in bodybuilding and continue on my fitness journey into functional fitness. 

3. Why did you become a Trainer? I’ve been involved in functional fitness for almost a decade, so I’m hoping to share my experiences and help others out on their futures in fitness and health. 

4. What is your favorite movement? Box jumps, but I also love me some DU’s as well! 

5. What is your favorite cheat meal/snack? I love love rainbow frosting on caramel rice cakes. 

6. What is your ideal favorite workout? Any workout that has box jumps, DU’s and wallballs are my jam. Chippers are my favorite style of workout. 

7. What is your favorite superhero and why? Hands down, Thor! What is there not to like about him?!


I grew up in southern Oregon and recently moved to beautiful Texas in June 2020 with my husband, step-daughter, my husband’s cousin and her two beautiful little girls. I love spending time with my family, friends, and my 7 dogs! Ya ya, I know who would need 7 dogs!!? I am the middle daughter of 3 girls, yes the middle child syndrome is true!! LOL! 
I have a wide range of business ventures over the years but my most recent adventure will be launching in early 2021, a CBD line for humans and pets. 
I enjoy all life has to offer and will always be up for a challenge!!

Annie Holmes: Manager & CardioFit Coach

B.A. Exercise Science

1. What year did you start functional fitness style training? January 2017

2. What made you start? I used to be a cardio bunny. I would only run and was afraid to lift for fear of getting "bulky". But I tried this new style of workouts and was instantly hooked! And no "bulk" in sight so far. Ladies, do NOT be afraid to lift!

3. Why did you become a Trainer?  Fitness changed my own life so much and all for the better. I love sharing fitness with others and helping them see the good it can do for them in and out of the gym. It's such a powerful asset to have in your arsenal and I wholeheartedly believe everyone should find some sort of fitness they LOVE.

4. What is your favorite movement? Farmer's Carry or Power Cleans

5. What is your favorite cheat meal/snack? Savory? Burger and fries. Sweet? Ice cream (preferably Ben & Jerry's Phish food or anything loaded to the brim with caramel)

6. What is your ideal favorite workout? I love long chipper workouts. One of my favorites of these is a hero WOD called "Bert". Look it up for a nice, long, body weight only sweaty mess of a workout :P

7. What is your favorite superhero and why? Deadpool for his attitude but as someone to actually respect? Ironman. He has no actual physical superpowers, and, unlike Batman, he actually designed and made all his own gear. His character arch is also an admirable one. Keep in mind, I've only watched the movies, so if they don't reflect the same facts about him in the comics I might change my answer lol


I was born and raised in the Northeast. Born in NY, raised in CT. I majored in Health & Human Performance with a focus on Exercise Science. I dabbled in personal training along with group fitness classes at NYSC and Crunch Fitness back in CT. My husband and I moved to Austin about 3 years ago and couldn't be happier with that decision. We have two amazing fur babies named Herman (a 3 year old cocker spaniel mix rescue) and Freddie (a 14 year old one eye-ed Jack Russel rescue). Our family is about to grow soon with Parker, a human baby, looking to make his appearance in August of 2021. When I'm not fitness-ing or talking about fitness I'm probably talking about dogs, petting dogs or eating or talking about food. I'm so grateful to have found such an amazing community in LTF! Being around like-minded, hard working, passionate people is the best feeling on earth; and I look forward to contributing my own passion and hard work to the community as well!