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+$50 Per Additoinal Family Member

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+$50 Per Additional Family Member

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Ages 9-12

Pre-teen's Class

Every Tuesday and Thursday @4pm

Corporate Membership

*Up To 4 Employees then $50/month for each addtional employee
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 "Lake Travis Fitness is a family comprised of athletes of all ages and skill levels. Our coaches do an excellent job of helping each athlete meet their strength and conditioning goals, while never compromising our safety."

Mark Tays

"When I walk into Lake Travis Fitness, all my excuses, worries, and fears are forgotten. Each day I am encouraged by all of the coaches and members to achieve success and at my pace. This is a definitely a place where goals are reached."

Layne Moss

"Lake Travis Fitness has not only made me stronger and more fit, but has also set an example for my children on the importance of exercise.  They are used to going with mom and dad to the gym and even ask about it when we take a few days off.  Society is so sedentary nowadays and it’s vital to emphasize the need to move and stay healthy.  Oh...and I love the coaching/programming as well!"

Six Welch

"Throughout my adult life, I have made maintaining physical activities a priority. When my workouts were getting stale, I decided to give Lake Travis Fitness a try. In doing so, I am  definitely in the best shape I have ever been and my physique has never looked better. I am able to perform an array of movements and skills I never thought I would be able to do."

Taylor O'Brien

"I was only 46 when I joined Lake Travis Fitness and I am definitely getting stronger with age😝 with the help of LTF!"

Lori Bailes

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